Happy Holidays to All!

With the closing of the short HETC championship , the first part of the 2015 season officially closes and it’s time to take stock!
With the advent of rF2, now used a large scale by all the Italian communities, the first part of the season was decidedly more demanding than expected and also less profitable than we expected!
The visibility of the new simulator has attracted a large number of new users very combative though, not always, this has been seen as an added value to racing!

Actually the summer, this year, came first because, already in July, many of us were already in “Summer Time”!
Nothing strange given that the main championship of this early 2015, the infamous EGT of GT Italia , was very … very … very challenging!
Long, difficult and with over 90 members, it was really a titanic undertaking to complete it!
We would like to say “successfully” but we know very well how it went! (you can read the complete report of the championship HERE! )
The mod was very challenging and unwilling to forgive the mistake!
Furthermore, the new simulator

However, it is to be rejoiced for our first foreign experience, successfully completed this time, in the famous VECchampionship , where our bishops, together with the team of GT Italia, brought on track 5 teams of which 3 podium finishes in the final classification!
Apex of the championship, of course, the 24 hours of Le Mans that gave us the opportunity to face, for the first time ever, a race lasting 24 hours effective!
Massacring … but absolutely epic and fulfilling!

In the RS Cup , GT Italia ‘s side championship we witnessed the return of Nitti as well as the reaffirmation that our Shark with the touring cars still knows its own despite the new simulator!
In addition to some Specials, one with the Assetto Corsa simulator that positively surprised us, there was not much room for more!
Totalemte absorbed by the main championship, we came out not only with the broken spirit, but also with a certain weariness that we hope to dispel in these hot summer holidays always deserved, regardless of the results!
As far as the winter season is concerned, everything is still silent on the part of the various specialized sites, so let’s start thinking about serenza waiting for the first news that we will not fail to communicate to you as soon as they reach our ears!

In the meantime I can only wish you happy holidays to all , and then find ourselves loads in Settmebre ready for new challenges!
Stay with us!

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