The Team

comes from an idea of four friends united by a passion for motosport!

To these four friends, soon others have joined, all united by a passion for cars, online races, computers and fried dumplings!
Then more were added, until they became a team … then some more … and we became a TEAM !

This is the RRS Team !
A real virtual stable that takes part in online races on the most famous Italian portals all under the same flag!
Fun, friendship, fairplay and team are for us the most important things of this passion that unites us!
An E-Sport … if you prefer … or a simple pastime … it does not matter how you want to call it …
For us it’s just “RRS”!

We do not organize competitions, we limit ourselves to racing them!
If you want to meet us, you can find us in one of the many online racing portals whose network is full!
If you want to let you know come to our forum to introduce yourself,
and maybe take a jump in our TS channel to have a laugh with all of us!

Everything always comes first with a “Hello” … then you never know!

Now I attach this picture that is worth a thousand words to understand well what is the spirit of our group!